The program with The Nutrition Coach has been a life changing experience for me and has put me on the right path (at last!) to restoring my health. This change was not always easy and often very confronting to my limiting beliefs about food so keeping an open mind helped me to get some really great results. Some of the benefits for me include dramatically improved digestion, stopping joint and muscle pain, great sleep and improved mental focus and energy. All thru using high quality real foods that are simply delicious. This was a very humbling experience for me as I came into the program thinking I had a good knowledge of nutrition and the more I worked with Emma the more I realized just how much I did not know. Thru her teaching of basic biochemistry and human physiology Emma has taught me what my body really needs on a cellular level using science based principles that actually work. It’s a powerful thing to know how to listen to your body’s biofeedback to meet your nutritional and metabolic needs on a daily basis. Working with Emma has been an absolute pleasure and I consider myself very lucky to have met her and want to extend my personal gratitude for her patience and effort in helping me over the past couple of months. It was fun!