Press and Praise


I’m finishing off the last pieces of reading (from the email course) but just wanted to say thank you so much for this course. It has been so valuable to me and I’ve learnt so much.

My biggest take away has been the idea of physiological stress and how if the body isn’t getting the energy that it requires, it will continue to remain in a stressed state which will impact its ability to heal and function optimally. I studied Nutritional Medicine for 3 years many years ago and I don’t remember hearing that once.

This kind of foundational understanding will be so helpful for me, moving forward.


Fontaine Hatzikalis

Nutritionist, October 2023

When I started with Emma I had already cycled through a variety of specialists, health coaches, diets and modalities on my health quest. I thought I was extremely healthy and had a relatively clean diet even though I was not seeing results. Emma shared her amazing knowledge of underlying physiology, biochemistry and cell metabolism in a practical and easy to digest way. Emma provided me with lots of research based reading materials and answers to my copious number of questions. I learnt to enjoy foods that I had not consumed for many years such as dairy, coffee and sugar as I had been led to believe they were inflammatory and not good for hormonal balance.

At the age of 34 I had never had a natural menstrual cycle after being on the contraceptive pill from age 17-31, with no answers from the western medical model apart from “there is nothing wrong with you, go on the pill until you want to have children and then we can look at IVF”. Within two months of working with Emma my cycle returned.

I feel so grateful to have come across Emma and have the opportunity to work with her. Emma is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, passionate and has a great energy. This program has been a life changing experience and has finally put me on the right path to restoring my health. I 100% recommend working with Emma to everyone as it is the best thing I have done for my health and worth the investment. I am forever grateful.


Kirra Pallant

Physiotherapist, Western Australia, August 2021

Due to the conversations with Emma and her highly professional reading I have much better idea about how the body works and how certain foods can work for or against it. Her papers made me question my choices and her advice and personal approach helped me to figure out how I can feel better in my body and mind. I am now more confident with experimenting and judging what works or doesn’t work for me and my health. This experience was definitely life-changing and I would recommend it to everyone who is ready and open to make a change and see nutrition and lifestyle from different perspective.


Ema Dochnal

Prague, Czech Republic, January 2021

The insights I’ve gained from working with Emma are innumerable. I had studied nutrition and health for years before coming across her work and feel like I’ve learned far more in a short time working with her than years prior, because everything that I apply from her program yields exponentially better results, feels good to my body, and truly is sustainable. I now deeply understand what ideal human food is, the size and frequency of meals that best supports my physiology, the inner workings of our beautifully delicate endocrine system, how to support it, and so much more!

Before working with Emma, I hit rock bottom with my health which was really hard for me because health and wellness was my biggest passion. For years I had put my faith and trust into learning from what I considered to be the best health educators at the time. It started with giving up meat, all gluten and grains, then dairy, and sugar. I skipped breakfast (and glorified the idea by calling it “Intermittent Fasting”), drank some type of overly hyped vegetable juice until early afternoon, and then during the hours I would actually eat it was always a salad with avocado, maybe a smoothie with only low sugar fruits, and maybe some very dark chocolate. Every time I would get stricter, I would lose maybe one or two pounds and no matter what, I would end up putting those back on with another five or ten over time… even though I was doing everything “right” by the book! I didn’t binge, I didn’t have nights where I gave up and ordered pizza, I was so dedicated and completely blind to the fact that my will power wasn’t the problem, the lack of nutrients and prolonged state of stress was the problem. After a while on the low sugar bandwagon, things got pretty scary. At this point I was eating almost no carbohydrates and carried a bottle of stevia with me everywhere so I could artificially curb my ravenous craving for sweets (it’s like my body was trying to tell me something, imagine that!)…. My energy got REALLY low and I started having some anxiety – both were completely new to me, I’ve always been a high energy and relaxed person naturally. I got so worried that I went to the doctor and had my thyroid checked. They said it was “normal” (I wish I could go back and see the numbers now that I’ve since worked in functional medicine and understand how that test was flawed) and they told me I was probably just getting older and didn’t need to worry. I WAS 25 AT THE TIME! 25 years old, low energy, “you’re just getting older.” Needless to say, I was unhappy, confused, and defeated.

Around this time, I was searching for hours per day on the internet for an explanation of what might be happening to me. I don’t know how I finally came across Emma’s work, but I cannot tell you how hopeful and happy I was to have discovered it. Did it go against everything I had been studying for years? Absolutely. Was I kind of terrified because of that? Without a doubt. However, I was so frustrated and unhappy with what I had been doing that I was just so ready to abandon it altogether and try anything new. I started by reading every article on her blog, reading some of the Ray Peat articles, and making small and strategic efforts to incorporate more of the foods she was recommending.

As soon as I started making small adjustments here and there based off of her work, I saw a difference. My weight was slowly coming off, even though I was eating more food! And, not to mention, foods that I had been avoiding for years!!! My energy was up as SOON as I started adding the right carbohydrates back into my diet. Digestion was so much better. Muscles were more toned even with less exercise. Sleep was deep and restorative. My skin was better than it had been in years (FYI: I had a six month struggle with cystic acne during my raw vegan days and was now eating dairy). I continued easing into this lifestyle over the next five years and was so happy with the results I was getting. In fact, I was so happy with what I experienced that I did not work directly with Emma until this year. All I can tell you is that I wish I had not waited so long to do it! There was still so much to learn and to apply.

Even though I was really happy with my weight from applying what I had learned from her blog, I was still about five pounds over my goal and got there within the first three weeks of working with Emma.

I am truly happier with my body than I’ve been in my entire adult life. My relationship with food is better than I ever knew possible. I don’t spend all day thinking about all the foods I’m not allowed to eat and stressing every time it comes down to me making a decision about what to eat if I’m not in control (out with family at a restaurant, for example). I eat SO MUCH MORE FOOD than I used to eat!!! And I weigh about 20-30 pounds less that I did when I was living on salads and smoothies. I don’t really keep up with counting calories regularly, but I would guess that I’m eating at least twice the amount of calories than I did back then. I eat “normal” foods again which has been really healing for me as well. I eat pizza, ice cream, and burgers regularly… which for a long time I had been brainwashed into thinking that I had to pick between having the body I wanted OR ever having those foods again. Well, I can say now that I have it all! I can have my cake and eat it too (though I prefer ice cream, haha).

If you are even slightly considering working with Emma, I can tell you it is one of the absolute best decisions I have ever made. I would say it’s been the best thing for my mental, physical, and emotional health that I’ve ever done. I love my body. I love food. And I love this approach; I can never ever see myself doing anything else.

Thank you Emma, truly, I cannot thank you enough for everything. You changed my life in ways I cannot even begin to describe.


Mary Beth Arthur

Rock Hill, SC, USA, July 2020

Emma, I’m finaaally really getting the hang of the changes in my life since I saw you last and they are becoming the norm on how we eat and live. It’s such a simple easy way of doing things, I love it, and so do the family. We don’t stress too much about it all and try to enjoy life as we do it, the changes were incremental but now we finally are really living it. I finally feel energised and able to keep up with my kids ! It’s such a gift and I just feel more alive. I’ve also really realised how much gluten, like in breads/pastas etc were bothering my body and making me crash and I very rarely have them now. My thirst is normal, my cycles have normalised. My palpitations have finally calmed down, my appetite is regulating and I’m really able to listen to my body, I don’t have those full on cravings I used to have anymore. Thank you so much! I’m so glad I gained this knowledge from you and that now I can give my children this gift of a good foundation when it comes to food. I love your work x



Melbourne, February 2020

The course is a wealth of knowledge. Emma’s kind replies to all my questions helped me in understanding the materials thoroughly. The course really is one of a kind, as it starts from the physiological processes in your body. I think that’s what makes this course so effective in curing a variety of symptoms. By giving your body what it needs (the right, metabolic foods at the right times), it heals itself. For me personally, I’m on my way to curing a lifetime of digestive issues and extreme bloating. The professionals from, they have a wide range of the latest coupons and offers available online that you can uses to get all what you want. Only after one month of bringing in to practice the principles of the course I went from a pregnant looking belly most of the time, to a flat one. Cramping and gas disappeared. I’m so grateful that Emma put in all this great work and research to help so many people feeling their best!



Teacher, Belgium, May 2019

I have realised that I was literally ‘starving’ my body of sugars and placing it under stress for some years! I have also realised that my sense of self could include being a little more energetic as I have a lot to contribute to the world. I feel so motivated after having some specific and more resonant guidelines in regards to diet and lifestyle. Even after half a week I feel that my digestion has improved dramatically.



Melbourne, May 2019

Working with Emma has been a true pleasure and I hope to keep doing so in the future. She is a wealth of knowledge and manages to make information understandable, which due to the scientific language, for many of us is a bit out of reach. She translates the findings of Ray Peat and many other scientists and researchers, to practical implementation for daily life.  Emma has been super generous with sharing her knowledge (everything from recipes to science based info about hormones and fatty acids) and with patience answered all the questions of a novice and ex-vegan/rawfoodist/paleo.   This lady has most likely prolonged my life and saved me from a whole range of health issues.



Stockholm, Sweden, November 2018

After many years enduring problems with my digestion and hormones, I had the opportunity to work with Emma.  It changed my life!!  After consulting with Emma on her 8 week program she taught me about nutrition and lifestyle.  It’s amazing how nourishing your body with the right foods makes such a difference.  My digestion has never been so good and my hormones are more balanced.  Thank you Emma for sharing your knowledge, being understanding, and for answering every question I had.


Jo Rippingale

Corowa NSW, December 2018

What a blessing to learn from Emma; she has such an expanse of knowledge and skills in building health, her generosity and charisma have made the learning and changing process such an encouraging and empowering process. I have experienced such an improvement in my wellbeing and thanks to the knowledge I’ve been equipped with, I am continually feeling more and more well. When I first began working with Emma I remember struggling to even imagine the sensation of being really relaxed, that is definitely not the case anymore! As a professional dancer I really appreciate Emma’s skills in building health; I have a high level of physical stress and she has helped me to develop strategies to negate that stress in realistic and possible ways instead of stressing about the stress! I think that her ability to work without needing rigidity or “perfect” circumstances speaks volumes about her capabilities and thorough knowledge of physiology.



Sydney, October 2018

My consultations with Emma have totally changed (for the better!) the way I approach my health. Instead of subjecting myself to the vicissitudes of mindsets and goals that have typically governed the way I approach health, (e.g. Eat perfectly! Eat whatever you want, who cares! Lose weight by next week! Etc. etc. etc.) my mindset is now ‘what can I do to most support my health at this time.’ This alleviates so much worry and stress about health and appearance that it is an improvement for my health all by itself. However, this mindset is backed up by the vast amount of knowledge Emma has (which she is always adding to, and is so generous with); this means my new approach is not only calming and self-driven, but supported by knowledge and understanding I can apply to any situation. Not only this, but Emma has an open-minded and investigative attitude; she has given me the tools to keep on learning beyond the consultations; she has also given me a way to navigate and use all the information via her specific focus on my own health and life challenges.
Emma’s supportive approach, generosity and warmth made speaking with her such a pleasure, and made it so easy for me to be open about health issues with her. She is understanding of life limitations, e.g., busy-ness, money, etc., and offered alternatives and strategies that worked for me, rather than expecting me to stick religiously to some sort of health script.  Emma’s coaching is the best investment I have ever made in my health, and I know it will have life-long benefits. Thank you so much Emma!



Sydney, May 2018

Dear Emma,  I had a consultation with you years ago now (before your babies were born!) and I’ve been following your work (blog and instagram posts etc) since then. I just wanted to say thank you again: I’ve been reflecting on my health recently and realising how much your work has helped me, long-term! I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and feeling so good, much better now than in the first trimester, but even then I was ok, going by what I hear from other women, and rereading your ‘pregnancy’ post often!
I have congenital hypothyroidism so no thyroid tissue at all (sadly) and it’s been difficult at times but I feel your work has made such a difference, and I realise now how important feeling calm and confident about my food and health is during pregnancy.  I’m enjoying lots of fruit, all this baby seems to want, and homemade baked ricottas, marshmallows, jellies, pate, etc.  It’s really wonderful.
So, thank you once more. I always look forward to your posts and learning more from you!



Melbourne, September 2018