Emma Sgourakis, Certified Nutritionist, is unique in how she practices, working closely with her clients (ranging from busy mums and want-to-be mums, to corporate executives and professional athletes) in Melbourne, across Australia and internationally via Skype/Zoom. Her private programs are two to three months in duration, with thorough health assessment, in-depth fortnightly sessions and ongoing support, individually tailored for long-term health shifts. Emma aims to not only guide but most importantly educate. She personally supports her clients in their gradual steps towards restoring their bodies to a more resilient and youthful state.

Emma trained in Melbourne and Brisbane, is fully qualified in Clinical Nutrition and has been in practice since 2004, privately as well as in various clinics and health retreats around Australia. Additionally, she works in association with pioneering U.S.-based practitioners and scientists at the forefront of Nutrition, researching the relationship between food, hormones, thyroid, ageing and cellular metabolism.

Unconventional in her approach, opposed to commercialised Western “diet” principles and the industry-driven food pyramid, she is always digging deeper to uncover the truths and debunk common myths about human nutrition. She will have you questioning mainstream health “beliefs” that have been holding you back. Emma’s nutritional philosophy is evidence-based, backed by unbiased, independent scientific research, and is always person-specific. She will move you away from degenerative, inflammatory and inefficient foods, towards nutrient-dense, functional, easily digestible, pro-metabolic foods suited to your physiology. Emma believes that we should not underestimate the consequences of our food choices and that we need to be more thoughtful in our purchasing and eating habits, better informed about our bodies, and armed with skills to make it all taste good.

Emma is proud to be the only Australian Nutritionist officially affiliated with other ‘Peat Nutrition Consultants‘ Dodie Anderson (Boston U.S.A) and Rob Turner (California U.S.A.), inspired by and putting into practice the research of Doctor Ray Peat Ph.D.

Emma regularly writes for and contributes to health, beauty and lifestyle articles for Australian and British magazines and media publications including Australian Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Madison, The Age and The Daily Telegraph.

Emma resides in Melbourne with her husband and two children.

Emma is also co-founder of Saturée.  * Use code TNC for 10% off.