Melanie Broady

I originally came across Emma through the ‘The Paddington Beauty Room’ when they suggested I consult her in relation to my skin breakouts, particularly along my chin and cheeks (apparently symptomatic of hormonal imbalance and digestive issues). As soon as I met with Emma for our initial one and a half hour consult I knew this was what I had been needing. I was instantly mesmerised by the incredible and vital information she was sharing with me about how my body works and processes certain foods. I was hooked, the session flew by and I couldn’t get enough, it was like someone had literally turned on a light bulb! All the issues I have learned to live with for the majority of my teens and early adult life have been related to what I have been stuffing into my mouth. Argh, why hadn’t I met Emma 10 years ago!  We had fortnightly meetings to work through my diet and how certain foods would be causing many of my problems. I worked on adjusting my diet and have not looked back. I am truly changed for the better and for the long haul.  Another area that I have been working with Emma on is the ability to conceive a child. My husband and I have spent several years trying with no luck so far. Neither of us have any medical conditions that would restrict us from conceiving naturally so, with Emma’s help (*Melanie fell pregnant late 2011 and gave birth to a healthy boy July 2012).  Emma is incredibly professional and carries a ridiculous amount of knowledge. She lives what she preaches and she does so with such enthusiasm, she is always available for questions and along with her regular blog really lives up to her title The Nutrition Coach.