Kitty Blomfield

I have always had a keen interest in nutrition and have tried everything from low carb, high carb, fasting, high protein etc…  I have competed twice (in Body Building) and have worked with my contest prep coach Cheryl Frost at Pure Energy Training to prepare other women for contests. While I love the sport, I have always felt torn between doing what is necessary to get them into the shape they need to be to get on stage, and looking after their health and well-being.  I had been following Emma for a while and had been reading Ray Peat’s work so when the opportunity arose to do her 8 week Program I jumped at it. Working with Emma has allowed me to gain a better understanding of Ray Peat’s work and how to apply the principles. We have started to roll these out with clients at our studio with great success it’s amazing what happens when you finally give the body the fuel it needs. Emma was fantastic to work with, she is so passionate about nutrition and has great energy. She was always extremely prompt at responding to my emails/questions in between consults.