I first met Emma through my gym about 18 months ago when she was giving a talk about nutrition and how foods affects our body among other things.  It was so interesting and she was so knowledgeable that I immediately started to change a few things about my diet with positive results.  I followed up with a phone consultation in which Emma taught me more about what foods to avoid and I really noticed a difference in how I felt (especially in the mornings that heavy bloated feeling had gone).  I started making meals which my young kids also enjoyed and I felt great that I was also teaching them healthy habits too. Emma has always been very approachable answering questions and I love her passion about what she does. I don’t know many people who get so excited over food and I have been introduced to some things I would never have tried before.   In Melbourne she organised a great lunch with some of her other clients and it was fantastic over a delicious meal to listen to Emma and share our experiences.  The best thing about Emma is she is so willing to share all of her knowledge with everyone and is so friendly and personable. I have recommended Emma to friends and I will definitely continue to do so.