Before consulting with Emma, I was very weak, emotionally and physically. I would easily feel overwhelmed and anything that I felt was out of my control would bring me tremendous stress. I could not understand how I had gotten to that level.  I would suppress negative emotions with food and feel extremely bad about myself for not being more in control of my eating patterns. Basically my eating disorder, a form of bulimia, compulsive eating and emotional eating, had gone through the roof. I felt I had no control over anything anymore, it was pretty clear that I needed to find one of the eating disorder treatment facilities fast. I would often wonder if Iʼd ever be able to enjoy food again and use it as a source of pleasure and nourishment rather than a weapon that was destroying my mental and physical health.

After my first consultation with Emma, I felt so empowered and happy. I was told I could actually enjoy fruit and to forget about food combining! I was in heaven! But what truly made my day was that finally everything started to make sense to me! Emma educated me on how the human body works and what it means to truly nourish oneʼs body to function optimally (all backed-up by science which is something I had been longing for!).  Emma is such a compassionate, caring and thoughtful person who has a natural ability at making people feel comfortable around her. Her energy is so uplifting and beautiful that I felt I could open up as much as I wanted. There was no judgment, only empathy, compassion and encouragements. Emma manages to create a peaceful, positive environment where you feel it is safe to open up. She knows how to TRULY listen (a rare thing nowadays).

Without her support I would not have been to overcome my fears, my demons in such a way.  Because my body received proper nourishment daily, I found it so much easier to face my fears and embrace them to release them rather than suppressing them with food!   Emma has taught me to become independent in my quest for health and weight loss. She is such a great teacher: she knows how to break down knowledge into simpler terms making it accessible to her clients. She is genuine in her approach and truly prioritises her clients’ wellbeing. What I really love about Emma is how passionate and genuine she is about nutrition. Emmaʼs approach was so refreshing and empowering!  On a physical level, my skin is glowing: my cheeks are rosy, my lips a beautiful red, my hair shiny and strong, my body leaner and for some reason I grew 4 centimetres taller (probably due to the fact that I am no longer weighed down by negative emotions).

I now feel I can take on any challenges in life. Food has become my best friend and a way of also expressing my heritage (French) and my culinary creativity. Something I doubted could ever happen.  After my last consultation with Emma, I felt like I was saying goodbye to a caring friend that had been there for me to help me become a much better, independent and strong person. I felt nostalgic and a bit sad but so empowered because for the first time in my life I felt I could continue this journey on my own; how liberating! I truly feel like a new person inside out and HIGHLY recommend Emma to people who need answers and who want to see results on a physical and mental level. I am so grateful that I have been able to work Emma. I cannot thank her enough.