Emma, I’m finaaally really getting the hang of the changes in my life since I saw you last and they are becoming the norm on how we eat and live. It’s such a simple easy way of doing things, I love it, and so do the family. We don’t stress too much about it all and try to enjoy life as we do it, the changes were incremental but now we finally are really living it. I finally feel energised and able to keep up with my kids ! It’s such a gift and I just feel more alive. I’ve also really realised how much gluten, like in breads/pastas etc were bothering my body and making me crash and I very rarely have them now. My thirst is normal, my cycles have normalised. My palpitations have finally calmed down, my appetite is regulating and I’m really able to listen to my body, I don’t have those full on cravings I used to have anymore. Thank you so much! I’m so glad I gained this knowledge from you and that now I can give my children this gift of a good foundation when it comes to food. I love your work x