Dear Emma,  I had a consultation with you years ago now (before your babies were born!) and I’ve been following your work (blog and instagram posts etc) since then. I just wanted to say thank you again: I’ve been reflecting on my health recently and realising how much your work has helped me, long-term! I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and feeling so good, much better now than in the first trimester, but even then I was ok, going by what I hear from other women, and rereading your ‘pregnancy’ post often!
I have congenital hypothyroidism so no thyroid tissue at all (sadly) and it’s been difficult at times but I feel your work has made such a difference, and I realise now how important feeling calm and confident about my food and health is during pregnancy.  I’m enjoying lots of fruit, all this baby seems to want, and homemade baked ricottas, marshmallows, jellies, pate, etc.  It’s really wonderful.
So, thank you once more. I always look forward to your posts and learning more from you!