Emma’s advice and expertise have been invaluable, and the changes to the way I look and feel since working with her are really incredible. Before, having an interest in health and wellbeing, and having seen naturopaths and other health practitioners, I always thought I knew what ‘healthy’ eating was, and that I could do it ‘properly’ and consistently if I really tried to. However I found that I was often slipping up and giving in to all my cravings. Since my first consult with Emma, eating in a way that supports my body has been effortless, not to mention always enjoyable! The problems I was having before, such as bloating, low energy, trouble waking in the mornings and tiredness through the day—just to name a few!—are all much improved if not altogether gone. I also no longer crave my former ‘guilty pleasures’ like milk chocolate and salt and vinegar chips, because now my body is getting all the things it’s looking for (and with the wonderful sweet and salty flavours, too!) from much better and more nourishing sources; eating is always a pleasure since working with Emma, and I really couldn’t ask for more than that; thank you, Emma.