I went to see Emma after suffering from bloating, indigestion, constipation, you name it, for years.  I had seen countless doctors practicing both conventional and natural medicine and failed to find relief from my ongoing discomfort.  Emma took the time to get a thorough understanding of my areas of concern, my current diet and lifestyle.  She put together an eating plan for me that suited my tastes and lifestyle.  Emma was there to answer any questions I had and provided me with the support I needed to improve my way of eating.  It’s now a year since my first consultation with Emma and I feel so much better.  I never actually knew that I could feel this good.  My days of embarrassing digestion issues are over and Emma has taught me to eat in a way that my body thanks me for.  Emma is truly passionate about what she does and tailors every solution to the individual.  She is committed to spending the time that is needed to ensure that her client’s needs are fully met regardless of where they may be situated around the world. I would recommend Emma to anyone.