My consultations with Emma have totally changed (for the better!) the way I approach my health. Instead of subjecting myself to the vicissitudes of mindsets and goals that have typically governed the way I approach health, (e.g. Eat perfectly! Eat whatever you want, who cares! Lose weight by next week! Etc. etc. etc.) my mindset is now ‘what can I do to most support my health at this time.’ This alleviates so much worry and stress about health and appearance that it is an improvement for my health all by itself. However, this mindset is backed up by the vast amount of knowledge Emma has (which she is always adding to, and is so generous with); this means my new approach is not only calming and self-driven, but supported by knowledge and understanding I can apply to any situation. Not only this, but Emma has an open-minded and investigative attitude; she has given me the tools to keep on learning beyond the consultations; she has also given me a way to navigate and use all the information via her specific focus on my own health and life challenges.
Emma’s supportive approach, generosity and warmth made speaking with her such a pleasure, and made it so easy for me to be open about health issues with her. She is understanding of life limitations, e.g., busy-ness, money, etc., and offered alternatives and strategies that worked for me, rather than expecting me to stick religiously to some sort of health script.  Emma’s coaching is the best investment I have ever made in my health, and I know it will have life-long benefits. Thank you so much Emma!