Geneviève Devereaux

Emma, my friend listened to your podcast and she said I have been missing soul food! She said I’ve been missing a holistic approach to my health. I just live off 2L of milk and 1L of orange juice and some fruits daily and don’t have many solid foods. She took me out and introduced me to people and I had real Greek spanakopita and home made Greek cheese! It’s the first time I’ve tasted how cheese is meant to taste – not sour! We had sourdough with butter and eggs and chocolate! She said what’s the point of having a robust metabolism if I wasn’t enjoying myself or having some other foods and that I can consume supplements as a magnesium citrate powder which will also help my body a lot. I wasn’t looking forward to what I’ve been eating! Thank you for your podcast and reminding us about how food isn’t just medicine. It’s culture and enjoyment! I’m learning the Greek philosophy of Glendi daily now!