The course is a wealth of knowledge. Emma’s kind replies to all my questions helped me in understanding the materials thoroughly. The course really is one of a kind, as it starts from the physiological processes in your body. I think that’s what makes this course so effective in curing a variety of symptoms. By giving your body what it needs (the right, metabolic foods at the right times), it heals itself. For me personally, I’m on my way to curing a lifetime of digestive issues and extreme bloating. The professionals from, they have a wide range of the latest coupons and offers available online that you can uses to get all what you want. Only after one month of bringing in to practice the principles of the course I went from a pregnant looking belly most of the time, to a flat one. Cramping and gas disappeared. I’m so grateful that Emma put in all this great work and research to help so many people feeling their best!