Working with Emma over the last 6 months has been an extremely inspiring and amazing experience. For some time my health was less than optimum and I experienced dreadful symptoms such as fatigue, indigestion & a slow metabolism to name just a few. I was extremely skeptical to see another Naturopath or Nutritionist, as I had not had much luck before. Every time I had gone to see someone I felt as though I came out worse than I was before. Everything I was doing for my body was not working and I was at a loss. I was extremely healthy & had a very clean diet; well so I thought. When I met Emma she brought so much knowledge and research to the table that everything that was happening to my body and all the symptoms I was experiencing finally made sense! I have learnt more about Nutrition and how my body works in the last 6 months working with Emma than I had in my 29 years. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Emma. With so many mixed messages about what is healthy it can be extremely difficult to heal your body & when you are eating ‘all the right things’ and you still don’t feel healthy it can all seem so confusing! I would recommend Emma to anyone who wants to achieve optimum health. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to finally understand proper Nutrition.